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At Soul-POLE, we believe that working out shouldn’t only be about burning calories, although, you'll burn a lot of them we promise you! We want our classes to enrich your life: by toning your muscles and improving your posture and freedom of movement, and helping you feel amazing and confident about your body. Wait and see how pole dancing will change your life!

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Pole Dancing? POLE DANCING!

Pole Dancing Classes, Aberdeen

Great workout

Burn calories, improve muscle tone, posture and flexibility. Losing weight has never been this much fun!
Pole Dancing Classes, Aberdeen

Freedom of movement

Imagine feeling this comfortable in your own body - and loving it. This could be you, and sooner than you think!
Pole Dancing Classes, Aberdeen


As you learn to feel comfortable and confident in your body and its strength and beauty, you’ll feel the power to accomplish ANYTHING.
Pole Dancing Classes, Aberdeen

A Real Life Change

A new hobby, new friends and new experiences, as well as a better body and more confidence will change your life!

What our customers say

Thank YOU so much for today Sian. My weekly class makes me so happy. I walk away feeling proud that I have achieved and learnt something new. I always come away with this weird feeling which I think is confidence. Thank you for taking me on and having faith in me!

I joined Soul Pole when I first moved up to Aberdeen three years ago and saw it as an opportunity to make new friends, gain some fitness and perfect my skills. After a short time I found my self-esteem and confidence in myself and my body raised as a result of the encouragement and friendship that Sian and the other trainers bring to every class.

Whose Bright Idea was This?

Soul-POLE was conceived and created by Sian Young, an inspirational lady who has gone from sleeping rough on the streets of Scotland to becoming an in-demand motivational speaker and pole dancing Goddess! Sian is living proof of what we can all achieve when we set our minds to something and she’s ready and waiting to help you find your inner Goddess too.

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Sian Young

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